Networks are the formation of the digital world; sustainable, resilient, scalable and secure network designs, for as small as home and office networks, to as large as campus and enterprise networks, are critical for seamless performance.

In small and large businesses, enterprises or organisations, networks support ease of communication, and can also be applied in an even broader scale to provide consolidation, storage, connectivity and access to information; remotely, through the internet or virtual private networks. Networks allow for emailing, instant messaging, and collaboration between users, company employees and to external connections, adding more value to work environments.

LeviPoint’s core goal is to secure Networks! Integrated in this almost autonomous practice, are: installation, connectivity, configuration and management of networks, network devices, as well as end-user devices. Network designs synchronise with organisational growth, allowing for scalability, reliability, and redundancy, minimising processing power and high resource usage of devices. Read More.