The Insight:

Having initially started in 2001 with the primary goal of technical and computer repairs, maintenance, as well as providing occasional tutorials and hands-on training about basic computer knowledge to individuals, this initiative begun to take shape around 2007/2008, with additional focus on network technologies (LANs, WANs, and wireless network), all delivered on a part-time basis at a very low scale.

An online presence was eventually realised and assumed in 2011, thus, paving way for a redefinition to include webhosting services, web-designing, and website maintenance. All these have been greatly supported by friends, family, and acquaintances as local clients.

As growth is realised through the recognition of general need, in a series of unfolding areas of speciality, today, with an increasing attempt to advance and provide more, LeviPoint prepares itself for a full-time global presence; expanding its scope universally.

LeviPoint provides simplicity with no complexity on well-defined products and services.